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Hi there, my name is David Weir. By day I'm usually designing pretty pixels for Ludomade here in Los Angeles, but in my spare time I enjoy taking photographs.

This project is an attempt to step out of my comfort zone and into a new level of portrait photography: by taking 100 portraits of people I have never met.

I am in no way a professional photographer, but I hope that this project will help develop my photojournalistic skills further and provide some stories into to the life's of these strangers.

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<b>Stranger #38 – Halcyon</b>

Stranger #38 – Halcyon

After completing the shoot with my previous stranger Mitch, it was Halcyon’s turn to be in-front of the camera. Luckily for me this wasn’t the first time she had been photographed so she was at ease from the very beginning.

Halcyon was visiting Melbourne for the weekend to celebrate her boyfriend Mitch’s birthday. She instantly reminded me of someone when I first seen her, yet I didn’t know who until we got talking later on in our encounter.

Like the conditions when shooting Mitch, the sun had just poked out through all the clouds and was extremely bright, so as we were not near any shade to go into to I had to just position her as best I could, letting the light still hit her face but preventing her from squinting into the sun. It was clear after the very first shot that Halcyon was very photogenic and was quite comfortable being moved around so I could get the best shot possible.

After a few shots with both sunglasses on and off, we quickly wrapped it up so she could get back to meeting up with her friends at a nearby cafe. When talking to her after I suddenly realised where I had seen her before. During the olympics, the Commonwealth Bank had some TV ads running for their new Kaching App in which Halcyon was acting in. She was playing the role of a waitress who was being given a generous tip from a very fond customer. If your from Australia you may of seen the ad, and if the catchline “keep the change” rings a bell then you may know the ad I am talking about.

Halcyon is an actress/model from Sydney and has been on a few TV commercials aswell as starring in many editorial and fashion photography campaigns. She is represented by Viviens Model Agency and has a nice portfolio to start her modelling career. Whilst this wasn’t the most ideal conditions to be shooting, I would have loved to have had a nicer scene to photograph Halcyon in. If I was ever to do extra shots with Strangers after the series is complete, Halcyon would be an ideal subject.

So a big thank you to both Mitch and Halcyon for coming down to Melbourne and letting my series be a small part of their weekend. Hopefully it added another memory for Mitch’s birthday to remember and I hope that you both enjoy your portraits.

You can see the TV commercial that Halcyon starred in here http://vimeo.com/47903210

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This picture is #38 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at 100Strangers.com or the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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