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Hi there, my name is David Weir. By day I'm usually designing pretty pixels for Ludomade here in Los Angeles, but in my spare time I enjoy taking photographs.

This project is an attempt to step out of my comfort zone and into a new level of portrait photography: by taking 100 portraits of people I have never met.

I am in no way a professional photographer, but I hope that this project will help develop my photojournalistic skills further and provide some stories into to the life's of these strangers.

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<b>Stranger #22 – Dorothy</b>

Stranger #22 – Dorothy

After barely even finishing with my previous stranger Santos, I spotted a young woman crossing the street towards where I was standing. Her name is Dorothy and she is officially Stranger #22.

After going four hours without a stranger photo, I had now found 3 strangers within a matter of an hour. Dorothy was crossing the street at the time I had seen her and was doing a spot of last minute christmas shopping like everyone else this day. I stopped her as she approached where I was standing and asked once again if she would like to be apart of the project. After a brief description of what the strangers project was all about she agreed and we then tried to find a position where no one in the crowds of people surrounding us were going to be in shot. This proved a lot more difficult than it seemed.

After waiting numerous times for people to step out of the frame, and then again for the passing trams and cars, we finally got some shots away. At the time the sun was so bright (it was around 2pm) that I could barely see the shots on the LCD, but after checking the sharpness I was happy with what came out and we proceeded to chat a little more. I would have liked to get a little softer light for this portrait but given the circumstances of where I was and the crowd I was in, with no reflectors or flashes to fill in the shadows, this was as good as I could do.

Dorothy was a very happy girl, constantly smiling throughout the whole encounter. She found it hard not to smile for the main shots in fact. She went on to say that she is originally from Brisbane but has been in Melbourne now for 5yrs. Apart from enjoying the odd bit of shopping she also is a dancer. Dorothy has been a full-time Ballet dancer for the past 2.5yrs (at a dance company I cannot remember the name of). When I asked her if there was any other interesting stories should could tell me she said “no, not really”,  but gave me full permission to make something up as long as it involved unicorns.

So here we go… Dorothy was born back in the time of the Middle Ages and Renaissance period when Unicorns roamed free. Through the magical powers of the unicorns she has maintained the looks, purity and grace of a young woman whilst in reality being the oldest living soul on the planet. She is said to be a magical ballet dancer on the stage which she proclaims that is all due to her ruby red dance slippers, as she once wore in her role in The Wizard of Oz. She was not associated in any way with the machine named Dorothy that was used to study tornadoes in the 1996 movie ‘Twister’, but none-the-less agrees that it was a magical moment in the film when it finally deploys successfully into the eye of the F5 tornedo. Dorothy has also been told that a unicorn, without a horn, is simply a magical horse 🙂

Thank you Dorothy for being such a good sport and having some fun with the project. I wish you well in your next magical adventures and hope you enjoy this portrait.

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This picture is #22 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at 100Strangers.com or the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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