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Hi there, my name is David Weir. By day I'm usually designing pretty pixels for Ludomade here in Los Angeles, but in my spare time I enjoy taking photographs.

This project is an attempt to step out of my comfort zone and into a new level of portrait photography: by taking 100 portraits of people I have never met.

I am in no way a professional photographer, but I hope that this project will help develop my photojournalistic skills further and provide some stories into to the life's of these strangers.

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<b>Stranger #13 – C.T</b>

Stranger #13 – C.T

After thinking Walter would probably be the last stranger I would shoot during my time in the U.S. I managed to find myself in LAX Airport with a 6hr wait before my flight home. Luckily enough, during this time I managed to meet C.T – my official Stranger #13.

My flight back home to Australia wasn’t scheduled to leave till 11:30pm, yet I had to have my hire car returned by 5:30pm – and since it was right alongside LAX it meant I had plenty of time to kill. So after waltzing around the duty free shops and making good use of the strong AU dollar, I went through security and got a good seat at the terminal gates. It was here that I noticed Walter walking around the terminals whilst asking people questions at certain times. I immediately liked his style and grabbed my camera out in anticipation for him to walk on over after talking to the previous traveller. In this time I managed to take a few really quick test shots for the horrible fluorescent lighting, grab my notebook and moo cards out and waited upon his arrival. Even if he wasn’t going to ask me a question, I sure was going to ask him one.

So after talking to another traveller he started heading in my direction to presumably ask me what the same as he had asked others. He was walking across with a big friendly smile and was carrying an iPad with him. He introduced himself as C.T. and explained that he was conducting a research survey here for LAX and if I’d be interested in taking part. I had 2hrs still to go before my flight so I said “sure, no problems”. We completed the survey via the iPad and he then asked about my camera – this is where I told him about the 100 Strangers project of which he was more than happy to participate in.

This would be my second portrait in succession in this project where I was dealing with indoor lighting – so getting the camera settings correct and positioning him in an area where the fluorescent lights had a relatively even coverage over his face and not reflecting in his glasses was tough. On previous stranger shots, I have asked to get an extra shot without peoples glasses on, but C.T’s initial impression was given to me by his style and those glasses were a major part of that.

C.T. is originally from Chicago but moved to Los Angeles over 2 years ago. When he’s not conducting surveys at LAX terminals he works as an actor and has appeared in some television series that have aired on CBS. I didn’t note the name of the show but I’m sure C.T. was a natural star in-front of the camera. He is a very cool guy and I thank him for being apart of the project.

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This picture is #13 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at 100Strangers.com or the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

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