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Hi there, my name is David Weir. By day I'm usually designing pretty pixels for Ludomade here in Los Angeles, but in my spare time I enjoy taking photographs.

This project is an attempt to step out of my comfort zone and into a new level of portrait photography: by taking 100 portraits of people I have never met.

I am in no way a professional photographer, but I hope that this project will help develop my photojournalistic skills further and provide some stories into to the life's of these strangers.

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<b>Stranger #08 – Kevin Lee Light</b>

Stranger #08 – Kevin Lee Light

The next stranger in my project is someone who, little be-known to me at the time is quite popular in Los Angeles’s streets, otherwise known to some as Hollywood Jesus. Stranger #08 is Kevin Lee Light.

It was a Sunday afternoon on a very sunny day at Venice Beach when I met my next stranger. I was at the Venice Ale House at the time, enjoying a few drinks to celebrate my co-workers birthday. I had my camera with me in hope of catching a few good shots for the celebration and wasn’t anticipating shooting any strangers this day, but then wandering slowly down the middle of the Venice Boardwalk I see Kevin passing by. I quickly grabbed my camera, chucked it on a setting I thought would be ok and rushed up behind Kevin to ask if I could take his picture.

He was more than happy to pose for me and was very interested in the project. We were shooting on the move as we were in a crowd of people but when he reached out and gave the peace sign I knew I may have snapped the shot I needed. After quickly shooting those few frames we got talking about what he does, and what he was doing in Venice on this fine Sunday. He told me he was an artist, a musician, had a youtube clip that had millions of views, and was just going for a walk.

 “Quite simply” he said, “I’m a man on a journey, looking to do some good in the world. Peace and Love.”

I was intrigued to find out more about these online videos he spoke of, so as soon as I got home I googled his name to see these videos. It didn’t have the millions of views that he had said, but there were numerous videos of him, including one even where Snoop-Dogg officially meets him. What I also discovered though was a blog that captures the ‘sightings’ of Kevin (aka. Hollywood Jesus). It can be seen here: at isawjesusinla.com or followed on twitter at @ISawJesusInLA

So there you have it, my first semi-celebrity shot in Los Angeles… well sort of 🙂

Thank you Kevin for our short but informative shoot. If all strangers I shoot are as welcoming as yourself then getting to 100 should be a breeze. If your ever in Los Angeles, be on the lookout for Kevin Jesus.

***UPDATE – I received an email from Kevin himself recently to inform me about the videos he was referring to. He wrote:

Hey Stranger,

Nice work. The YouTube videos I appeared in with the most views are:
LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” (+200,000,000) and LMFAO “Champagne Showers” (+30,000,000) with a new video on the way, LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It”!! It should be a blast! I’ve also enjoyed popping up on TMZ repeatedly over the past two+ years, most recently a bit titled “Hollywood Jesus is Rich!”.
Also a new film “Sunset Strip: The Movie” (Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Sharon Stone, etc.) includes “yours truly” due out in 2012!

Peace and love,
Stranger #8

What a tremendous person Kevin is. Check out his shuffle!! Glad to see that my subjects are checking up on the project 🙂 God bless you man!

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This picture is #08 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at 100Strangers.com or the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page


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  1. Seems like someone I would have loved meeting ^^

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